Endorsed by General Flynn

Endorsed by Timo Higgins

Thomas Carey

Endorsed by Thomas Carey

“Ron Eller a proud veteran and patriot has worked both in the private sector and currently in healthcare. He is for all the morally right things to do for our country.

Ron is a leader in everything he does. He was a warrior as a veteran and a warrior in the private sector as well. He will make a strong godly candidate and represent our fellow Mississippians well in the 2nd congressional district. This is why I highly recommend Ron Eller to be our representative. A vote for Ron is a vote for your God given rights. God bless!”

Thomas Carey

Veterans for America First Endorsement of Ron Eller

Endorsed by Veterans for America First

Endorsed By SEAL PAC

“Ron Eller is a veteran who proudly and selflessly served our country, a physician assistant serving our community, a successful business owner, and a Godly man with integrity that is unmatched. He believes in freedom for ALL Americans, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual preference, or nationality of origin. He believes in equality under the law and the rule of law. He is the epitome of meritocracy, proven through his rise in the different endeavors that he has taken in his life. I’m proud to give my personal support and endorsement to Ron. Now, let us ALL give our support to him in the primary in 6 months and again in November and put someone on Capitol Hill that will fight for the people of Mississippi and for the country that we love.”

Jeff Keuneke
Former Candidate for Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District

Endorsed By Cpt. Seth Keshel

“I endorse Ron Eller for MS 02. Bennie Thompson has poorly represented the people of the district for many years, and must be replaced with a candidate who cares about election integrity, has the medical knowledge to understand th folly of tyrannical mandates and lockdowns, and who will wholeheartedly oppose CRT, accurately describing the origins of the American Republic.

Ron is that candidate.”

Endorsed By Restore Liberty

Stanford Johnson

Endorsed by Stanford Johnson

“To my fellow Mississippians of the 2nd district as a former candidate for the GOP Congressional Nomination I would like to ask you to give your support Ron Eller for Congress. I am Officially giving my Endorsement to Ron Eller. Let’s make a change for the positive to save Mississippi.”

Stanford Johnson

Endorsed by Gator PAC

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